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As an empath artist, designer, and citizen of the world, I am here to tell the most compelling story.


I am currently finishing my last year at Lesley University studying Graphic Design and Illustration, where I found my passion for brand identity systems (and instant oatmeal in-between classes).

I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, and currently reside in Boston. I believe that my cross-cultural experience and global perspective greatly influence the way I approach my design and my ability to connect with people.

With a foundational background in fine arts and rendering, I am able to elevate my design outputs with a combination of illustrative and graphic language to create compelling visual narratives. My creative process involves conceptual thinking and a strategic approach, which results in deliberate and thorough solutions. In my work ethic, I integrate perseverance, sincerity, and clear communication with my clients.

As I explore different ways to channel my creativity, I am always excited about the opportunities to learn and grow in the field while tapping into brand strategy and help brands expand into spatial environments.

Interested in my work? Let's get in touch!