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Ineffable Project
Editorial, Packaging
AboutSince I grew up speaking Portuguese, once I moved to the US, I noticed a lot of Portuguese expressions didn't fully translate to English. That didn't stop me from expressing myself, but it did mean I had to do it in two different ways. As I realized that language works as a "cognitive universe", I started looking for ways I could help others experience different ways to express ourselves and the world around us — much like I was doing.

So I created a system that exposes "untranslatable" terms in certain languages because I wanted to explore the unique way some people express themselves within their language. This way, people curious about languages can be introduced to another life perspective and encourage a new connection not only with themselves but also with people from other cultures. The system consists of purchasable kits for an introspective moment on the language, posters around the city for an unexpected learning moment, and an Instagram page for easier digital distribution.
GoalTo create a system that exposes untranslatable words from different languages in order to expand our horizons, embrace different points of view and connect not only with other cultures but with ourselves as well.





First brainstorming drafts about what the theme of the project might be.



Settling on “language” and conducting research.


Defined project statement.


Brainstorm of system and tools.


Refined brainstorm of kits.


Guiding questions to define structure and meaning of system.


Presentation layout ideas.